StartUp Ecosystem Day 2021 Digital Edition is an event promoted and organized by Bologna Business School.

StartUp Ecosystem Day 2021 Digital Edition ( the "Event") aims to put in contact the best StartUp with managers, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals (the " Guest") and the BBS Community, facilitating the activation of projects in the business environment among those who will register on the Platform (the "Participants" or the "Participant").

An Expo Area will be created on the Platform (the " Platform"), where real virtual stands of the individual registered StartUps will be set up, which can be visited from December 5, 2021.

On the day of the Event, Participants will be able to attend the plenary session talk on the platform, choose from the following talks that will take place in parallel sessions and, finally, each Participant will be able to access upon reservation the work tables that will be activated by video call on Teams inside the virtual stands of the individual StartUps.

1. Who can join the Event

StartUp, the BBS Community and the Guest, upon registration to the Platform.

Participation is free.

2. Event Language


3. When and where

December 10, 2021 - from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

On the Platform

4. How to join

4.1 StartUp Registration

To join the Event, a StartUp representative must fill out the appropriate registration form on

Once the registration has been completed, StartUp will receive the link and access credentials to the Platform and may proceed to provide the following information:

From December 23, 2021, StartUp must upload the following materials to the Platform:

During the event, for technical problems, StartUp can contact

4.2 BBS Community and Guest Registration

BBS Community will just need to book directly on the Portal by clicking on the "Participate" button.

The Guest will have to send an e-mail to communicating their willingness to participate in the Event.

A link to activate the account on the Platform will be sent close to the Event.

The credentials to access the Event are personal and confidential. The Participant undertakes to take all necessary precautions so that they are not used by third parties under any circumstances. In addition, the Participant is advised to set a PIN or adopt biometrics (face and fingerprints) to prevent third parties from unauthorized use of the device used to access the Event.

By accessing the Platform and clicking on the "Submit" button, Participants accept the application of these Regulations, the privacy policy and the BBS cookie policy for the Platform.

These Regulations do not extend to any services that, although present on the Platform, are provided by third parties, which are governed by their specific and different contractual conditions. It is also understood that BBS may not be held liable for the actual accessibility and availability of such resources outside the Platform, nor for their contents. Therefore, Participants are invited to contact the administrator or webmaster of such external sites if they encounter problems with such content.

Participants agree not to record and/or register the Event in any way or with any support.

5. Event Program

4 - 4.30 PM: Plenary Session

Talk by Antonella Grassigli, Co-Founder and CEO, Doorway | Co-Founder and CEO, Angel Investor | Partner, IAG | Co-Founder, Angels4Women. Winner of the Business Angel Award 2021 and Riccardo Fini, Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bologna, Director of the Entrepreneurship Hub of Bologna Business School.

4.30 - 5.30 PM: Parallel Sessions sector

Roundtable coordinated by a chairman, with an industry leader, investors and successful StartUp.

5.30 - 7.30 PM.: Work tables at the individual StartUp stands

Moments of comparison between StartUp and Community/Guest, to deepen the project ideas, discuss specific needs of StartUp and possibly activate the project, which will be developed separately and in any case without any intervention / involvement of BBS.

The meetings will take place in the form of a Teams video call within the Platform, where each Startup will have its own virtual stand.

6. How do the work tables take place?

- Each StartUp will have at its disposal, between 5.30PM and 7.30PM, 8 slots of 15 minutes each. Each slot corresponds to a work table that the Event Participants will be able to book. The sessions can be one-to-one or one-to-many.

- Participants will be able to book the desired slot(s) directly inside the individual virtual stands by 2 p.m. on Friday, December 10.

- Participants will have access to the virtual table booked through the links provided by BBS.

Regulation Section applicable only to StartUps

7. Non-exclusive assignment of copyright on the materials used and audio-visual footage pursuant to Law 633/1941.

By participating in the Event and uploading the Materials to the Platform, including the video presentation (the "Materials"), StartUp assumes full and unconditional ownership and property of the Materials, as well as possession of any necessary authorizations from the rightful owners.

Furthermore, by uploading such materials, StartUp relieves Bologna Business School from any and all claims made by third parties in relation to the ownership of the copyrights of the video and/or the photographs and/or the images and/or the music and/or for the violation of any other third party rights connected with the Materials uploaded by StartUp on the Platform.

All reproduction rights relating to the Materials shall be deemed to have been assigned by StartUp to BBS, together with the right to copy on any kind of media, paper or computer, disclose and/or make available, including on the Internet sites linked to BBS, the Materials themselves, as well as the right to rework and assemble them into new and different multi-media contents.

This cession of rights shall not be deemed to be exclusive, and StartUp shall therefore retain the same rights covered.

StartUp shall make this assignment free of charge in order to facilitate the scientific dissemination activities of BBS.

8. StartUp's trademark and/or other distinctive signs

By uploading its own brand and/or other distinguishing marks, StartUp authorizes BBS to use them in activities related to the Event, as well as for the next Event co-branding campaign. Any other use of the trademark and/or other distinctive signs by BBS must be approved in advance by StartUp with a writing statement.